Medical Marijuana Growers Union Certification

Written by Administrator on 27 August 2011.

Medical Marijuana Growers Union Certification

Advance your knowledge, career and standing with the world's most widely recognized professional certification in  commercial medical marijuana grow management.

Why MMGU Certification? medical marijuana

MMGU Certification demonstrates your achievement of industry-leading standards of professional knowledge, skills and best practice.

MMGU programs are:mmgu_certified_member_s

  • Convenient: core materials are accessed on-line
  • Low cost: no travel, no expensive examination fees
  • High value: up-to-date materials reflecting best practice concepts
  • Global: the only certification program designed for a worldwide audience
  • Interactive mentoring: Members benefit from access to top academics and expert practitioners via webcast and message boards

If you can demonstrate the necessary skills and training, you can apply for MMGU Certification at one of the following levels:


Associate (AMMGU) is open to anyone working in a contracts / commercial management role who can demonstrate the appropriate skills and knowledge of a Medical Marijuana Grow.

certified growerMember (mMMGU) is for those who can demonstrate the required skills and knowledge, and have a minimum of two years experience in the field.

web_certifiedmemberCertified Member (MMMGU Cert) requires a minimum of seven years experience in a 200 plant grow management or senior specialist role, and a more extensive assessment and peer review.

web_fellowFellow (FMMGU) represents outstanding experience and career performance, demonstrating a record of contribution to the profession and its development. Peer interview and confirmation by the MMGU Board.

About MMGU Certification

The Certification program is based on demonstrated performance as well as work experience and academic qualifications. This element requires both self-assessment against key skill and knowledge areas, and validation by peers or line management. Once the skills and experience portion is complete, you may move on to the exam or request a period for studying. All of this managed through MMGU's acclaimed web-based learning portal.

The MMGU Certification Program is undertaken on-line and for an individual normally includes validation by your employer to confirm work performance levels. The output you receive includes a comprehensive personal report on the skill and knowledge strengths and gaps that you have relative to your peer group, and that need to be filled before moving to the next certification level. This reporting capability is unique to MMGU and involves 'benchmarking' you against other professionals at the same certification level. As a result, the personalized advice on your strengths and weaknesses gives you a comprehensive professional development plan.

Upgrading your accreditation

Members can apply for re-certification (to move to the next level) not less than one year after their initial certification. All members must renew their certification every two years, demonstrating that they continue to perform tasks relevant to the profession and their status within it.

Certification Renewal

Your MMGU certification will be valid for two years before it needs to be renewed. There is a 25 USD renewal fee to cover processing costs. Unlike other organizations, we do not charge a large fee to maintain your certification, and you can quickly and easily renew as part of you membership renewal. We do however expect that you have continued your personal and professional development and are a current MMGU member.

Overview of the typical Accreditation Process

  • Application for certification submitted to MMGU (can be done in conjunction with joining)
  • Individual selects curriculum - Grower or Site Management
  • Individual selects reviewer - someone more senior and familiar with your work
  • MMGU provides link and log in details to development website
  • Skills Assessment is completed by applicant
  • Qualification, Experience, Professional Contribution completed
  • Reviewer validation and submittal
  • Assessment report sent to applicant
  • Applicant chooses to study for the exam or proceed immediately with exam
  • Contract Management Exam
  • Case Study (for Certified Member [MMGU Cert] Certification)
  • MMGU review of results
  • Certification Board Review and Approval
  • Notification of certification status