We are Putting together a new Collective that consists of member growers ... mmgu-grow-op
Collective cause is to Grow Natural Buds and get the Medicine to the Elderly and Sick and the Sacred 

A production license from Health Canada is required to grow marijuana for medical purposes. It's your medicine and totally understandable that you want to grow it yourself. We hope that we can help you grow the best medicine possible by providing you with tips and resources.

Growers must take the necessary precautions to protect plants and the dried marijuana from loss or theft. The amount of marijuana that can be grown and stored at any time depends on the daily dosage that has been prescribed by a physician, and whether plants are grown indoors or outside. For more information see how to grow marijuana legally.
If this all seems a little daunting, read on to find out how we can connect you with a grower.

In order to start the licensing process with Health Canada to become a designated legal medical marijuana grower you need to be assigned a patient who has been approved by Health Canada. You cannot have a drug related conviction in the last 10 years.

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Grow Marijuana legally.

Number of Patients
You are allowed to provide for two(2) patients with a maximum of four (4) patients per address. BUT any one individual at an address can have a maximum of two(2) patients. For example if you are growing for two patients your spouse or friend can grow for two patients at your address for a total of four(4).

Prescriptions and Plant Count

Your maximum allowance varies depending on your patients prescription. For example you grow for three patients who require these amounts:
1 gram/day = 5 plants
2 grams/day = 10 plants
3 grams/day = 15 plants
What this means is your total indoor plant count is 30. This covers any and all stages of production - from clones to mature plants. Indoor and outdoor plant counts are not calculated the same - you can use our calculator to check this yourself.
Security and Safety
To get approved to grow your own or grow for someone else, you must take precautions to protect your plants and dried storage from theft. Health Canada is very strict with the security measures and your approval to grow depends on satisfying them. There are no minimum requirements but if Health Canada doesn’t like what you put on your application they will call you to discuss them.
Common sense is very important when considering your proposed grow site. Windows, steel doors, motion lights, alarm, dogs, fencing, and location. Health Canada does not want your production site near a school, park or public trail. Your dried storage must be protected in a secure, private place and protected under lock and key from theft as well.
There are requirements for the property, the most important being electrical safety and being up to code. We recommend getting an electrician to certify your electrical status before getting started. The police or Health Canada may bring a city bylaw officer or a representative of your local power company to your home or production site to ensure your up to code.

If you would like to get in touch with Health Canada directly about the application process please don't hesitate to call them toll-free at: 1-866-337-7705. The mailing address and fax numbers for submitting your applications are indicated on the guides and forms found here on Health Canada's Site